Paint the World….with Truth?

Pigeon on Ledge-IMG 2418, Edit B-np

About the Photograph: A pigeon, of course, standing on the ledge of a very old, British Colonial, row house in Penang, more specifically, Georgetown.
These colorful shots of old houses is a new series I’m working on: I’m calling the series, “Distinctive Georgetown.” My collection of images in this series is increasing and I see it as an ongoing effort. When I spend the time to walk around in Georgetown, I just go wild – not “WILD-WILD”, but wild, as in my creativity is awakened to the photo possibilities when seeing these old buildings, the colors, and the designs.

UPDATE: (7 Mar 08)

I’m not sure why this was not published to my blog before; and all of a sudden, I see it was still pending. I think I wrote this months ago. HUMMMMMMM….”Lost Time” comes to mind. “Alien Abducted” or just not being very observant. Anyway, here it is now…much delayed.


Yes, wouldn’t the “truth” be nice…

I’m a firm believer in the standard “X-Files” tag line: “The Truth is Out There!” But believe me, fellow brothers and sisters in Art, it is up to you to find it! Don’t believe everything you hear; all that you see; nor, everyone who says they are telling you the truth. To uncover the truth, or the closest you can come to it, ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS! AND, don’t be satisfied with answers, until you can really feel satisfied with the answers in your gut! I think you know what I’m talking about.

Also, when dealing with any new art endeavor, and you wish to keep everything clear from the beginning, ask all your questions in writing…keep a good record through the technology of E-Mail. Then later on, if things go astray in the negotiations, deals, or expectations among the parties, then you can quickly pull up an email and clear up any “misunderstandings“!

In addition, CC or BCC a copy of these emails to a trusted associate, your lawyer, or a close friend…as long as your associate, lawyer, or friend receives that email, then chances are, the party who the email is addressed to, also received it. Never rely on the “he said, she said” defense if an art deal goes bad. HAVE IT IN WRITING!

On a different note…
I was interviewed tonight (well, that was weeks ago now) on a local Radio show and there was one particular question asked that I thought would be useful to recall here.

The interviewer asked: “What is it about a scene that makes you want to take a photograph?” Good question…A question that most Fine Art Photographers think about and need to consider.

My answer was something like this: “For me,” I said, “I think very macroscopically, even when working on this Historic Preservation self-assignment [the “Distinctive Georgetown” Series]. I look at the details, and then I compose the details, the composition, the context of the image in my heart and mind first. If it seems like a worthwhile scene to work on, then I get my camera out and I work on that shot I had developed in my mind.”

That’s the “Truth!” At least, that is my Perception of How I Go about Deciding to take a Photograph.

Sorry for the delay in posting this – it was there all the time, just ‘pending’ away.