WAITING by Nawfal Johnson


Title :  WAITING.
Creation Date: 24 April 2015.
Genre: ABSTRACT Conceptual; Textural.
Copyright 2015 Nawfal Johnson  ~ All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

Note: I admit it, I do get a little bored while waiting for things to happen, especially while waiting for my appointments to see doctors.  And, having Ankylosing Spondylitis means that I see a lot of doctors for a lot of “issues”.

Nevertheless, if I’m lucky, and if I’m prepared, and I did what I’m supposed to do as a photographer and have a camera with me at all times, then at least I can compose a shot, here and there, while I am waiting. With that said, this is my knee waiting to see the doctor, and it is a conceptual photograph, well, more like abstract conceptual photograph.  And sometimes, the image is not enough for the viewer to really know what was in the mind of the photographer when they took the shot. Sometimes, words also must be given by the photographer to explain the method behind the madness, and if you wait long enough, yes, there can be some madness when dealing with doctors visits. All in all, I did have my camera, and I was bored, and I decided to take a shot, and this is my concept of me waiting at the doctors office.

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