One-Sixteenth Cheese

One-Sixteenth Cheese.  And I used to think that One-Quarter Cheese was BAD!


Sorry I have not been around in a long time to see my blogging friends new works, please forgive.

I’m currently stuck in the quagmire of an impossible project with an impossible deadline, LMAO and crying at the same time.  Pulling 12 and 14-hour days on this d#$@ed thing, forcing myself to continue until I feel my Iritis almost coming back because I’ve been looking at the screen too long. 

Sun Tzu warns about fighting an uphill battle.  General Lee found out the hard way about this at the Battle of Gettysburg.

This is what General Longstreet had to say about fighting an uphill battle:

As Longstreet saw the situation, Lee wanted too much. Longstreet said that a direct assault on the Federal position was doomed — that it would mean ‘the sacrifice of my men.’ As Longstreet recalled later: ‘I felt then that it was my duty to express my convictions. I said, ‘General, I have been a soldier all my life. I have been with soldiers engaged in fights by couples, by squads, companies, regiments, divisions, and armies, and should know, as well as anyone, what soldiers can do. It is my opinion that no fifteen thousand men ever arranged for battle can take that position.”



Longstreet was correct: the casualties of the Battle of Gettysburg were outrageous!  Even though the North suffered considerable losses, they ended up holding their uphill position.  The South under the command of General Lee suffered tremendously:
23,231 Casualties:
(4,708 killed
 12,693 wounded
 5,830 captured/missing)

Maybe this post doesn’t make a lot of sense to you:  what does “One-sixteenth cheese”, my impossible project, and the Battle of Gettysburg have to with anything remotely connected?

To me…it is all very connected.  The first is kind of a horrible inside, very dark and soulless joke for which I am the recipient of, and a total bloody uphill battle. The second is another bloody uphill struggle.  And the third was another disastrous, miscalculation of what was reality, and a ship-load of bad decisions resulting in several blood-filled charges uphill, knowing that there were options that were preferable, but still moving forward with stupid decisions that were self-destructive.


So, maybe I’ll just slap myself in the face really hard so I remember not to fight horrendous, bloody-impossibly difficult projects that do not have returns that equal the suffering!

I’ll be back when I can…