ARIEL, Transmogrification #7 FIRE PORTRAITS Series by Nawfal Johnson Nur 

Title:  “ARIEL, Transmogrification #7”.

Creation Date: 30 March 2017.

“Fire Portraits” Series.

Years:  2016 – 2017.

Influence:  “To Reign in Hell” novel by Steven Brust.

Art Photographs:  Photography of fire shaped into Portrait-like imagery, of the characters, angels, in “To Reign in Hell”, written by Steven Brust.

Note 1:  After doing the first art photo, I said to myself, “I’m seeing some faces from Brust’s novel in this image, and I need to investigate, and work this out further to see what develops.”  Note 2:  In the Brust story, Ariel takes the shape of an owl, he speaks in rhymes, and is close friends with Leviathan and Harut.  He is killed by the treacherous angel, Abdiel.

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ARIEL, SITH, HARUT, LEVIATHAN, FIRE-PORTRAITS, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, hell, to reign in hell, Steven Brust, firstborns, archangels, heaven-hell, good-evil, Illuminati, fire portraits, gold, flames, hot, heat, portraiture, mirrored photography, the dark one, smirking one, Nawfal Johnson, fine-art, ethereal, Morning Star,


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