Glasyalabolas, FIRE PORTRAITS Series by Nawfal Johnson Nur 

Title:  Glasyalabolas.

Creation Date:  30 March 2017.


Series Years:  2016 – 2017.

Series Influence:  Steven Brust’s novel, “TO REIGN IN HELL”.


About this Fire Portrait.

This subject, Glasyalabolas, is not in the Brust story, but I have created character-portraits from the story, and those that could be in the story, but not named, and, other creatures that fall into, the “dark-side”.


Glasyalabolas is a fallen angel in the form of a winged dog.


Imagekind Photo Number: 2,204.


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Steven Brust, To Reign in Hell, Evil, Red Horse, Nawfal Johnson Nur, Fallen Angels, Reapers, Fire-Portraits, hot, flames, red-heat, yellow, golden, burning, inferno, incendiary, incendio, apocalyptic, apocalypse, end-of-times, War, Strife, Conflict, Death, Destruction, Glasyalabolas, dog,


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