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Back, and working on it…

Well I’m back…sort of…
Space …there’s a lot of it…
Yes, ‘Space’: there is one bump in space, and then it takes a while until you hit the next bump, and then it goes on from there. Well space, and bumps, have been what I am going through.
Recovery from my thyroidectomy and cystic tumor surgery is taking a long time. But, maybe that is expected, and I know for sure, I haven’t felt like doing any writing on my blog — with apologies, to anyone who frequents my blog, or wondered where the hell I went. I didn’t go anywhere, just been hanging out and trying to feel better.
On my phone, I have a quotation by Jackson Pollock:
Every good painter, paints what he is. [He, she and they…]
I wouldn’t really know if I’m a good artist, but I see things from an artistic point of view.
Maybe I am good at what I do, I don’t know, who’s to say if I am good or not, I just do what I do.
One thing that can really drive a person crazy, or an artist crazy, is thinking about the last part of the quotation, “paints what he is.”
What am I?
Right now, I’m kind of a mess. Perhaps without even knowing, the messiness, and my abstractness, go hand-in-hand, and perhaps the eye-ache / headache I’m courting right now is also part of that mess, but never fear, I’m trying to clean this up too, and feel better!

● Please watch this video: it is very sobering.
Sebastiao Salgado is a legendary photographer, and as GREAT a humanitarian. His photographs show his skillwork at photography, but more importantly, is that he shows the lives of people, and even more importantly, he has shown us a peek into the lives of the “four out of five” (a conservative ratio of the people who are severely suffering on this planet); those people who suffer not due to their own negligence, but because of the acts of a few, the greedy, the powerful, and the wicked: I’m talking about the New World Order, better known in the old days as the Illuminati.

These are the same people that own most of the large corporations, the ‘accepted’ mass media, and the international banking of the world, and who twist & turn the events of the UN to suit their own needs.

Here is some more sobering information about how awesome job the UN has done since it’s founding (1945)…and add to that, the League of Nations (before that, after WWI), and the fine job of Woodrow Wilson who helped make it all happen; and also, he was in league with the Illuminati to get the Fed Reserve Act passed (1916), under the guise of making things in the world and the US better…better for whom? The owners of the PRIVATELY-OWNED FED Res., and the World Bank, and the International Bank of Settlements.
● (Sources to consider about this: http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-owns-the-federal-reserve/10489  ; and, http://www.save-a-patriot.org/files/view/whofed.html )

“Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 there have been over 250 major wars in which over 23 million people have been killed, tens of millions made homeless, and countless millions injured and bereaved.
In the history of warfare the twentieth century stands out as the bloodiest and most brutal – three times more people have been killed in wars in the last ninety years than in all the previous five hundred
War: An Overview, Peace Pledge Union
One year into the new millennium the world still wrestles with a welter of problems left over from the 20th century. There are still more than three dozen major active conflicts (those with over 1,000 casualties, both military and civilian) in the world.
Center for Defence Information, The Defence Monitor
In armed conflicts since 1945, 90 per cent of casualties have been civilians compared to 50 per cent in the Second World War and 10 per cent in the First.
New Internationalist – Issue 311 “Peace”
3 out of 4 fatalities of war are women and children.
UN World Food Programme, 1998.
War and internal conflicts in the 1990s forced 50 million people to flee their homes.
UNDP Human Development Report 2000.”
(Source : http://www.worldrevolution.org/projects/globalissuesoverview/overview2/PeaceNew.htm)

Here’s some information about the Illuminati and some of the major players…
“In 1873, at the age of 26, Jacob Schiff with the financial backing of the Rothschilds bought into the Kuhn and Loeb partnership in New York City. He became a full partner in 1875. He became a millionaire by financing railroads, developing a proficiency at railroad management that enabled him to enter into a partnership with Edward Henry Harriman to create the greatest single railroad fortune in the world. He married Solomon Loeb’s oldest daughter, Theresa, and eventually bought out Kuhn’s interest. For all intents and purposes he was the sole owner of what was now known as Kuhn, Loeb and Company. Sen. Robert L. Owen of Oklahoma indicated that Kuhn, Loeb and Company was a representative of the Rothschilds in the United States .
Although J.P. Morgan, the top American Rothschild representative, was the head of the American financial world, Schiff was rapidly becoming a major influence by distributing desirable European stock and bond issues during the Industrial Revolution. Besides Edward H. Harriman’s railroad empire, he financed Standard Oil for John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) and Andrew Carnegie’s (1835-1919) steel empire. By the turn of the century Schiff was firmly entrenched in the banking community and ready to fulfill his role as the point man in the Illuminati’s plan to control our economic system, weaken Christianity, create racial tension, and to recruit members to get them elected to Congress and appointed to various government agencies.” (Source: http://modernhistoryproject.org/mhp?Article=FinalWarning&C=2.2 )

I’m sure these are historical events you too never heard of  in history class, and that’s probably because these folk have their hands very heavily in the ‘creation of mass media’, probably the  same ones who made your school’s History textbooks.

Alright, I didn’t mean to get all macabre and depressive: I’LL now make the connection, or, contrast of major neck surgery and that of the NWO:  It is funner to have major neck surgery than to think of the NWO and the suffering caused by the s@#^@$*# who are running the NWO… so there you have it!

That’s all for now,
Take care…


Here is one of my new art photographs.
Please have a look at my Print Sales Gallery, at Imagekind!

PENANG WALL DECAY, Number 2209, 50th, EDIT B


Title: “PENANG WALL DECAY, Number 2209, 50th, EDIT B.” Creation Date: 2 March 2015 Why? 50th Year of Life Photograph. Genre: Abstract Expressionism. Collection/Portfolio: PENANG WALL DECAY. Copyright 2015 Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia.



ABSTRACT PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ART DESCRIPTION: Title: “MELTING PARTS, EDIT D”. Creation Date: 23 FEBRUARY 2015. Series Name: “ABSTRACT PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ART”. Series Year: 2013 TO PRESENT (On-Going). Collection: ABSTRACT PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. Collection Years: 2013 to Present (On-Going). ORIGINAL Medium: OIL PASTEL & Computer Editing. Final Medium: Digital Photographic File. Influence: Fritz Glarner (American, born Switzerland, 1899–1972) Copyright 2015 Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia. No Unauthorized Use!



ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY DESCRIPTION: Title: “LEAF SPLATTER, EDIT C – 2015, 16 FEB”. Creation Date: 16 FEBRUARY 2015. Series Name: “ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY”. Series Year: 1997 TO PRESENT (On-Going). Collection: ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY. Collection Years: 1997 TO PRESENT (On-Going). ORIGINAL Medium: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Final Medium: Digital Photographic File. Influences: Andreas Feininger & Jackson Pollock. Copyright 2015 Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia. No Unauthorized Use!