A Few New Selections at ImageKind!

Alien Water Photographs by Nawfal Nur


Just a quick note, and a quick mention of some new work I have posted in my ImageKind Gallery, “Alien Water”.  I decided to change things up a bit there.  At first glance, I want visitors of my gallery to see more of my diversity.  Thus, I’ve added some new water droplet photographs, as well as, some images from my Sci-Fi Landscapes Series, Math Conceptual, Cosmetics-Art, Smoke Photography, High-Key Flower and Still Life photography.  Please have a look – Thanks!

Parts & Abstractions…

There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
~Richard Avedon~

I’ve been pondering the quote (above) by Avedon: It is very curious to me. I think what he said about photography is quite deep and meaningful. It may be similar to the idea that ‘there is only one reality, yet everyone has their own perception of reality.’ At least, that is what I gather from it.

These images in this post, are the parts, rather than the whole. They are the abstractions, rather than the ‘reality.’ They are all ‘accurate‘, but none of them are the ‘truth.’


Fiery Malay Dance, v.3

Gibson Les Paul & World

Lights, Color & Motion





Bursting with Color (2007)

Bursting with Color (2007)
“2007 Bursting with Color” (Cover)
© 2007 Nawfal Nur
All Rights Reserved


This is the cover of my 2007 Bursting with Color” calendar. The calendar contains a selection of flower, leaf and fungi photographs, all taken in Penang. These photos were shot in the outdoors, and in the studio. Some subjects were photographed with film and others with digital. Some of the scenes were photographed in the daytime and others in the nighttime.

I wanted to do something unusual regarding the names I placed on each month’s subject. I looked at each subject to determine what characteristic stood out about the image. In addition, I determined what thoughts came to my mind at first glance of the subject. With that information, I then had to determine what language to use.

I did not want to use English, nor Malay. Then, for some reason, it hit me: Why not Elvish!

J.R.R. Tolkien had devised several languages that were virtually complete: One of these lingoes was Quenya. Language and grammar for Tolkien was a matter of aesthetics and euphony, and Quenya in particular was designed from “phonaesthetic” considerations; it was intended as an “Elvenlatin”, and was phonologically based on Latin, with ingredients from Finnish and Greek.” (Original Source: Carpenter, Humphrey and Tolkien, Christopher (eds.) (1981). The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, no. 144, 25 April 1954, to Naomi Mitchison. ISBN 0-395-31555-7.)

Not being terribly familiar with the intricate details of Tolkien’s Elvish dialects, I searched the WEB and discovered Nevrast, a nice compilation of Quenya words in dictionary format.

I took my list of image characteristics and matched them to Quenya words, and that is how I named each month’s image in the “2007 Bursting with Color,” calendar.

I have a separate blog for this calendar and you can see it here. This blog highlights the images from the calendar and shares a little information about the name of each image. I also included a very, very brief history of Tolkien’s Elvish language.


ps: I’m mentioning my Calendar here in March because maybe someone still wants to buy a 2007 Calendar.

pss: Here’s a tip from someone who purchased my calendar. They said that they liked the photos so much, and the print quality was so good, that they were going to detach photos, and then have them matted and framed. Although I would prefer people to buy my prints individually, this person came up with an innovative idea. Discussing the value of buying a calendar in March may be a moot point. However, I’m sure that many people purchase calendars any time of the year because they plan to matte and frame the photographs from the calendar.

“The Last Tree”

“The Last Tree, v.2″


Title: “The Last Tree, v.2”
Creation Year: Original – 2004
Version 2 – 2007
© 2007 Nawfal Nur
All Rights Reserved


The Last Tree, v.2” is an image from the “DARK”, and the “Sci-Fi Landscapes” Series. This image enters the realm of both collections for different reasons.

It is in the “DARK” Series because, God-Forbid the day, if it ever comes, where a world is left with a single, sick-looking tree, stuck in the middle of who knows where, with its roots clinging to a rocks surface, as if holding on for dear life.

It crosses into the “Sci-Fi Landscapes” collection because the environment is “alien”.

A blackened sun sits in open Space while captivating and poisonous air fills the environment. What chance of survival does this last specimen have?

Obviously, the caretakers of this planet have abandoned this place. With it, any remaining life has been left to fend for itself. The fate of this last tree is unknown.

However, take a look around…what chance do you think it has? Truly, the beings of this planet allowed their selfishness and greed to control them, and in the process, their environment suffered – environmental sustainability was an unknown or neglected concept.

What you wouldn’t know from just looking at this photograph, is that the rock that this last trees sits atop, is actually a small mountain that used to stand over 7,000 feet above sea level.

What you do see here is the result of a planet that was covered largely with deep, mountainous ice structures, disastrous climate changes, and environmental destruction at its worst.

Here stands The Last Tree.